Testimonial 3

I came to the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat to reinforce what I learned as a Health Minister. Over the last couple of years I had some hardships and needed to get away to focus on me and take care of myself. I expected the retreat to be a time to jump-start me into being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Ann and Paul provided so much more than food and exercising. They provided morning devotions for encouragement that also was related to health. They shared scientific based methods of healing your body. They offered therapeutic equipment and machines to detox our bodies and to increase our immune systems. Ann and Paul were excellent as hosts and very knowledgeable about health and wellness. It was fun getting to know the other guests as we all bonded as a dynamic group. I highly recommend Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat and looking forward to my next visit.

Christina M. – North Carolina

Testimonial 2

I have known about Hallelujah Diet since the 90’s. I’ve always wanted to go to a health weekend. I felt God led me to open the right email to see this place in Canton which was very close to where I was staying. This was a time to begin healing while learning the value of eating live foods. They established a good routine but not too rigid. The peaceful grounds gave me a spiritual time as I saw the wind in the trees like the Holy Spirit who we can’t see but know He’s there. The birds enjoying life and not fretting about the care. The huge sky which brought songs to my mind a such as “How Big Is God?” He rules our mighty universe yet small enough to live in my heart. Last but not least – Paul and Ann – two servants used by God to be the hands and feet of Jesus to us. Nothing was too much for them to do for us.

Jackie H. – Illinois

Testimonial 1

I recommend the Health Retreat for everyone. It was lot of fun and very healing. The first day of the retreat I was sneezing and blowing my nose in the morning because of my allergies. By the end of the same day, I was less congested and not sneezing. I could smell the roses in the vase of flowers on the table that I could not smell before. I continued to become less congested and was able to breathe a little better each day. Just weeks before the retreat I was having a lot of digestive problems – heart burn and pain in my stomach. I thought I had to be very restrictive with my food choices and eliminate from my diet many healthy foods. On the retreat I learned I was able to eat a much wider variety of foods than I thought I was able to. I was able to eat the steamed, stir fried and food cooked in the instant pot without nausea and pain in my stomach. I was able to eat raw food which I was not able to eat before the retreat. The therapies used were effective, noninvasive and relaxing. Sometimes I took a nap when laying on the whole-body tuner. The table/bed was very comfortable. I could either listen to spa music while using that machine or watch beautiful scenes on the large screen called Moving Art. My favorites movie was the one with scenes of Africa with the lions and wild cats. Another therapy was the Rife machine. I like how It could be programmed to target viruses, bad bacteria and parasites in the body and enhance my immune system. I felt invigorated after using the infrared sauna and then taking a cool shower. I could see how effective the therapies were when I looked at the color of the water after doing the foot bath. It was encouraging to see how many toxins came out of my body each day. Paul and Ann were wonderful hosts. I enjoyed the many hours of fellowship with them and the other people at the retreat. I loved my cozy room with a view of the woods and yard. Sharing the delicious, healthy meals with like-minded people was a highlight I looked forward to every day. It was fun to take a walk as a group in nature. I look forward to making the recipes at home that I received at the Health Retreat. The recipes will help me reflect on the positive memories I have from the time I spent at the Health Retreat. It was a wonderful vacation – One I will never forget.

Connie G. – North Carolina